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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Delayed, New Tools Due For Release

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Delayed, New Tools Due For Release

At HeroConf this week, Paul Feng, product management director for Google AdWords, announced some key information for those involved in the world of paid advertising.

The highly anticipated (yet hotly contested in some camps) release of AdWords Enhanced campaigns has been pushed from its initial release date of June back to July 22nd, 2013.

New Tools For AdWords Enhanced Campaign Users

There was some further good news for AdWords users who may be worrying about the impending switch to Enhanced campaigns:

  • The forthcoming keyword planner tool combines the keyword research tool and traffic estimator, along with an integrated workflow. This allows users to research new keywords whilst receiving traffic estimates simultaneously. A beta version is currently available to around 5% of AdWords users, at the time of writing. No release date was announced, however we’re assured that it be released in full shortly.
  • Due partly to the wide-spread, heated responses caused by the proposed switch to Enhanced campaigns, Flexible bid strategies will also make an appearance in the near future. AdWords users can adjust their bids either at campaign, ad group, or keyword level, allowing highly detailed management of bidding costs.

Some advertisers will be breathing a sigh of relief, welcoming the additional time they’ll have to prepare for the switch. Here at WeBoost, we’re already utilising Enhanced campaigns. It’s always good practice to get to grips with changes from early on – and it doesn’t seem like Google will be performing a u-turn on Enhanced campaigns any time soon.

However, we are looking forward to seeing how the new tools will affect the PPC setup and management processes. Anything that makes research and performance better is always welcome. As soon as these tools are released, we’ll be reporting on their usability and just how much better they make the Enhanced campaign experience.

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