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Google Agrees to Include Competitor Results

Google Agrees to Include Competitor Results

Google has agreed to include links to competitors content in their own search results at the request of independent EU regulators.

The search giant, which currently accounts for 90% of the UK’s search engine usage, will label content from its own network of content, including YouTube and stock information, alongside providing links to similar content on competitor’s site.

If accepted by the EU regulatory commission, the changes will become legally binding for the next five years. The changes will be tested for one month before an outcome is announced.

The Microsoft backed lobby group, Initiative for a Competitive Marketplace (Icomp), were unsurprisingly Concerned that the move did not go far enough.

“It is clear that mere labelling is not any kind of solution to the competition concerns that have been identified. Google should implement the same ranking policy to all websites,” it said.

The lobby group also stated they would only comment once the results of the tests are know.

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