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Google Glass No To Ads

Google Glass No To Ads

Google has announced to developers that they will be allowing no ads to be displayed on the Google Glass platform.

The recently published terms and conditions also confirm that developers will not be able to charge for apps.

Glass Technical Specs Released

Official technical specifications have also been released at the same time as this news.

This is before the first deliveries of Google Glass are dispatched. Winners of an online competition, which invited potential users to suggest things to do with the device, will be the first to receive their products.

To summarise the main points:

  • Adjustable nosepads, including extra nosepads in two sizes, and durable frame
  • High resolution display
  • 5 MP camera, 720p video
  • Bone conduction transducer audio
  • Wifi using 802.11b/g and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 12 GB of usable memory (including Google cloud sync), 16 GB Flash total
  • Battery life of up to one full day (however Hangouts and other apps use more power, as with using energy sapping apps on your phone
  • Micro USB cable and charger included
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone, although the MyGlass app (which allows SMS messaging and GPS) requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher

Shattering Marketers Dreams

google-glass-poster-300x141Although many Data Protection groups will be welcoming the no ads policies, many marketers will be disappointed with this news. The functionality of the glasses could provide never before used methods of ad delivery, which may now never see the light of day.

Developers will be thinking of alternative ways of making money using the device, as the traditional ways have seemingly been barred.

However, rivals will be keeping an eye on the developments with Google Glass advertising policies, as it could be seen as an opportunity to out-do the well established firm.

Japanese firm Telepathy Inc., with their device the Telepathy One, has been touted as a possible competitor to Google Glass. Chinese search giant Baidu has also confirmed it is working on a Glass-like project but has failed to release any concrete specifications.

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